Themes Emerging from the 2018 National Resident Survey

Here are links to the resources mentioned by Dr. Arget in his March 28, 2019 webinar:

You can download a copy of the Survey Report here.

  1. Competency-based Medical Education:

RDoC’s CBME webpage includes our position paper on CBME and a number of other resources.

There’s also a link to a feedback survey which all residents experiencing the implementation of CBME are asked to complete.

  1. Intimidation & Harassment, and Support Resources

RDoC’s web page on intimidation and harassment prevention includes RDoC’s position papers and a scorecard on inappropriate behaviour.

The Optimizing Positive Work Environment page contains links to the policies regarding professional behaviour, harassment, and related support resources that are provided by the various medical faculties in Canada.

  1. Mental Health

RDoC’s Wellness page includes details about RDoC’s various wellness initiatives.

The Resiliency Curriculum has a newsletter, please subscribe using the link on their page.

  1. Career Intentions and National Licensure

You can find the Collaborative Statement on Portable Locum Licensure here.

RDoC would love to hear from our resident members about the impact the current provincial/territorial licensing system has had on them by emailing us at or via social media.