Physician Resources Planning Advisory Committee (PRPAC)

The Physician Resources Planning Advisory Committee (PRPAC) is a pan-Canadian and broadly representative committee reporting to the Federal/Provincial/Territorial (F/P/T) Committee on Health Workforce (in turn reporting to the F/P/T Conference of Deputy Ministers) and working in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders.

The PRPAC continues the work begun by the time-limited PRPTF (Physician Resource Planning Task Force) to advance FMEC-PG Recommendation 1 to “ensure the right mix, distribution and number of physicians to meet societal needs.” and is jointly led (co-chaired) by the CHW and the AFMC.

Areas of collaboration with RDoC may vary but typically include:

  • Physician Resource Planning Task Advisory Committee (PRPAC)
  • Physician Resource Planning Technical Steering Committee (PRPAC TSC)