These first-person accounts are intended to help learners with their career decision-making process. The story-telling format presents a “true-to-life” description of what it is really like to be a trainee or practicing physician in various specialties by presenting the personal experience of a Resident Doctor or New-in-Practice Physician.

Dr. Aditi Amin

PGY-4 Occupational Medicine

Dr. Kevin An

PGY-5 Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Daniel Altman

PGY-4 Respirology

Dr. Leslie Anderson

PGY-3 Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Michael Arget

PGY-3 Internal Medicine

Dr. Anees Bahji

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Bobbi Batchelor

PGY-2 Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Chris Beavington

PGY-3 Sport and Exercise Medicine

Dr. Melanie Bechard

PGY-1 Pediatrics

Dr. Yael Bensoussan

PGY-5 Otolaryngology

Dr. Blair Bigham

PGY-1 Emergency Medicine

Dr. Brady Bouchard

New-in-Practice, Family Medicine

Dr. Alishya Burrell

PGY-5 Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Stephen Cashman

PGY-2 Family Medicine

Dr. Harman Chaudhry

PGY-3 Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Michelle Chiu

PGY-2 Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Sheryl Choo

PGY-6 Maternal Fetal Medicine

Dr. Justin Cottrell

PGY-2 Otolaryngology

Dr. Laura Dawson

PGY-2 Internal Medicine

Dr. Jonathan Dean

PGY-4 General Internal Medicine

Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova

New-in-Practice, Pediatrics

Dr. Kiran Dhillon

PGY-1 Urban Family Medicine

Dr. Laura Drudi

PGY-4 Vascular Surgery

Dr. Shaan Dudani

PGY-5 Medical Oncology

Dr. Bryce Durafourt

PGY-3 Neurology

Dr. Tony Eskander

New-in-Practice, Otolaryngology

Dr. Tariq Esmail

PGY-2 Anaesthesiology

Dr. Bruce Fage

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Andreea Gheorghe

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Pavandeep Gill

PGY-3 General Pathology

Dr. Melini Gupta

PGY-1 Family Medicine

Dr. David Kim

PGY-2 Emergency Medicine

Dr. Esther Kim

Diagnostic Radiology PGY-4

Dr. Alex Kmet

New-In-Practice Family Practice, Anaesthesia and Palliative Care

Dr. Justin Koh

PGY-1 Emergency Medicine

Dr. Malika Ladha

PGY-2 Dermatology

Dr. Kimberly Lazare

New-in-Practice, Family Medicine, Obstetrics, and Academic Medicine

Dr. Simone Lebeuf

PGY-5 Adolescent Medicine

Dr. Theresa Lee

PGY-3 Family Practice Anaesthesia

Dr. Caitlin Lees

PGY-3 Internal Medicine and Clinician Investigator Program

Dr. Jordyn Lerner

PGY-1 Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Dr. Lisa Liang

PGY-3 Sports Exercise Medicine

Dr. Linna Li

PGY-4 Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Dr. Alyssa Lip

PGY-1 Internal Medicine

Dr. Gordon Locke

PGY-1 Radiation Oncology

Dr. Anthony Lott

PGY-2 Internal Medicine

Dr. Xiya Ma

PGY-2 Plastic Surgery

Dr. Marina Abdel Malak

PGY-2 Family Medicine

Dr. Ranita Manocha

PGY-6 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. André Martel

PGY-2 General Surgery

Dr. Tom McLaughlin

PGY-3 Pediatrics

Dr. Elizabeth Niedra

New-in-Practice, Geriatric Medicine; Care of the Elderly

Dr. Chris Nixon-Giles

PGY-4 Anaesthesiology

Dr. Audrey Nguyen

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Christina Nowik

PGY-4 Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi

PGY-3 Dermatology

Dr. Amit Persad

PGY-2 Neurosurgery

Dr. Zafrina Poonja

PGY-4 Emergency Medicine

Dr. Ankur Ralhan

PGY-2 Ophthalmology

Dr. Amanda Ritsma

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Franco A. Rizzuti

PGY-2 Public Health & Preventative Medicine

Dr. Hollis Roth

PGY-3 Palliative Care-Family Medicine

Dr. Amir Safavi

PGY-2 Radiation Oncology

Dr. Ryck Schielke

New-in-Practice, Family Medicine

Dr. Nazia Sharfuddin

PGY-3 Internal Medicine

Dr. Sarah Smith

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Sarah Smith

PGY-5 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Natasha Snelgrove

PGY-5 Psychiatry

Dr. Brandon Tang

PGY-3 Internal Medicine

Dr. Natalja Tchajkova

PGY-3 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Megan Tesch

PGY-5 Medical Oncology

Dr. Alia Teja

PGY-5 General Internal Medicine

Dr. Jill Trinacty

PGY-5 General Endocrinology

Dr. Marissa Tsoi

PGY-1 Rural Family Medicine

Dr. Sian Tsuei

PGY-1 Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Dr. Carl White Ulysse

PGY-1 Anaesthesiology

Dr. Nishi Varshney

New-in-Practice, Geriatrician

Dr. James Wang

PGY-2 Pediatrics

Dr. Kimberly Williams

PGY-2 Psychiatry

Dr. Aaron Wong

PGY-1 Family Medicine

Dr. Ian Tin Yue Wong

PGY-4 Dermatology

Dr. Sherman Wong

PGY-3 General Surgery

Dr. Michael Yan

PGY-1 Radiation Oncology

Dr. Kevin Zuo

PGY-2 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Disclaimer: These specialty profiles illustrate some aspects of the lives of individual residents/physicians, and convey their personal perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, and rewards of their chosen fields. These views may not be shared by all residents, as there is tremendous diversity in lifestyle, experience, and interest among the residents in each specialty.