Dr. David Kim

PGY-2 Emergency Medicine – University of British Columbia

ResidentEmergency Medicine University of British Columbia

May 2018

About Me

I am David Kim, a PGY-2 in Emergency Medicine. I’m originally from Nanaimo, B.C.

I chose emergency medicine for its diversity. The spectrum of disease I see, from the very sick to less emergent cases, means that I never know what my day is going to be like! Additionally, the demographic of patients from babies to seniors, from low to high socioeconomic status, and the various backgrounds gives me the opportunity to help patients from all walks of life. I also know by the end of my residency that I will be confident in my skills and knowledge in resuscitation and emergent care, meaning I will be comfortable with anything that comes through the doors of the emergency room.

Clinical Life

What kinds of rotations are required in your program?

We do all kinds of rotations. Although we spend most of our senior residency in the emgerncy room, junior residents (PGY- 1 and PGY-2) will do rotations in trauma, surgery, OBS/GYNE, psychiatry, internal medicine, anesthesiology, neurology, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, toxicology, ICU, and more!

Which of your personality characteristics are particularly helpful in your field?

I like to work in a team. In emergency medicine, there is a big team of nurses, healthcare aids, radiology techs, social workers, respiratory therapists, and other allied health care providers that all work together to help the patients in the department. I love this teamwork environment and thrive in it.

What are the best aspects of your residency?

Being there for patients at a time of need in the emergency room is satisfying. With every patient encounter I feel that I can fix a problem and provide a disposition plan for the patient and their loved ones. Additionally, my fellow residents amaze me every day. Working with them and being able to support each other is amazing, it’s like my second family!

What are the most challenging aspects of your current role?

The acuity of patient illness and stabilization of undifferentiated patients changing environments with the stressors of time can be challenging. There are always patients to be seen but never enough time in the emergency room.

What are your future practice plans?

I hope to work in an emergency room in a medium-large city. The academic aspect of emergency medicine is also interesting and I hope to also do some teaching as well!

What are your fellow residents like, and how do you interact with each other?

The residents in emergency medicine are incredibly supportive and fun! We like to work hard and play hard. It’s also a very diverse group with a variety of interests and backgrounds, which makes everything more interesting!

Non-Clinical Life

What are your academic interests?

I’m interested in a subspeciality area of aerospace medicine. I’m hoping to pursue a fellowship in this field during my residency and also work in this field to balance out my work in emergency room.

What is your work-life balance like, and how do you achieve this?

I like to stay active, whether it’s playing golf, going to the gym, or playing tennis, it energizes me. Of course friends and family are incredibly important and will always be a priority.

You can follow David on Twitter @_davidkim

Disclaimer: These specialty profiles illustrate some aspects of the lives of individual residents/physicians, and convey their personal perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, and rewards of their chosen fields. These views may not be shared by all residents, as there is tremendous diversity in lifestyle, experience, and interest among the residents in each specialty.