Committee members can be Board members or general RDoC members, depending on the terms of reference. RDoC’s Executive Director sits on all RDoC Committees in an ex officio capacity, with the exception of the Human Resources Committee.

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The RDoC Awards Program honours individuals or organizations who have contributed to improving resident wellbeing, medical education, and resident life in Canada. Past recipients have included residents, program directors, postgraduate medical education (PGME) administrators, and organizations that support residents. The Awards Committee is responsible both for the annual nomination and selection process of the RDoC Awards recipients and RDoC nominations for awards bestowed by our stakeholders.

The Executive Committee is a resource to the Board of Resident Doctors of Canada. It leads the whole Board in its thinking, priorities establishment, agenda setting; and, in carrying out important representational and/or official work of the Board between meetings. The Executive is comprised of the President, Vice President, Past President, Board Chair, and Treasurer.


The Finance Audit & Risk Committee (FARC) acts as a primary resource to the RDoC Board, providing financial & legal oversight in collaboration with the Executive Director, Treasurer, contract finance professionals, and external auditor. FARC comprises the President, the Treasurer, and 3-4 other RDoC Board members, one of whom serves as Chair.

The Governance & Nominating Committee (GNC) acts as a primary resource to the RDoC Board in the advancement of best practices in the area of governance practices and procedures of the Board. The committee works with RDoC members across Canada, plus provincial housestaff organizations (PHOs), to find suitable candidates for nomination to the Board and for selection to other volunteer positions. GNC is comprised of the Vice-President, the Board Chair, Board members from each of the 7 regions.

The Human Resources Committee (HRC) oversees human resources matters relating to the Executive Director position. HRC is comprised of RDoC’s Executive Officers (the President, Vice-President, Past President, Board Chair, and Treasurer).