Timing of the CCFP Spring 2016 examination

CFPC has confirmed that the Spring 2016 Certification Examination in Family Medicine will take place on April 14th-17th, 2016, two weeks prior to the MCCQEII examination.

Please read the full text of the announcement below:

Timing of the CCFP Spring 2016 examination, and access of Family Medicine residents to the MCCQEII examination:

We now have information confirming that large numbers of PGY2 Family medicine residents will be challenging the MCCQEII examination in the Spring of 2016, in the same season as they will be challenging our Certification examination. The exact timing of the two examinations has, therefore, become critical, so that residents sitting both can do so without conflicting timetables. While one solution over the longer term will be to ensure that all Family Medicine residents are able to sit the MCCQEII much earlier in their training, this direction will require ongoing negotiations and adjustments, so may not be available for some time to come. Moreover, there could always be some Family Medicine residents who will need to sit the MCCQEII examination in the same season as the Certification Examination. It is therefore clear that we need to take action now to avoid conflicts in examination scheduling for our residents, in both 2016 and in the future. The most obvious solution is to change the dates of our examination.

We have been looking at the possible alternatives for our Spring 2016 examination. The provisional dates we are suggesting are April 14th -17th, 2016, namely two weeks before the MCCQEII examination. These dates were chosen for the following reasons:

  • we cannot move our examination to a date later than the MCCQEII because the time to end of training and provincial registration for practice is already short
  • our current needs for facilities and resources dictate using the same pattern of days of the week.
  • the corresponding dates one week before the MCCQEII are eliminated because of religious holidays. Moreover, a one-week break between the two events appears to be less than optimal for those participating in both.
  • we have noted that the proposed dates conflict in 2016 with the CCME, but this conflict will not occur in future years if we maintain this pattern, because the CCME is normally held later in April.
  • moving the examination even earlier would begin to have more significant effects on our training programs, so it is not considered at this time.
  • As you will realize, the rescheduling of our examination cannot be done without first assuring the availability of the facilities and personnel that are necessary to administer all the components of the examination. This work is underway at this time. As soon as we have reached a satisfactory level of certainty that we will have the resources necessary to administer the examination on these dates, we will make a formal announcement of the change.


Karen Dowsett, Manager, Operations and Administration, Certification and Assessment
Catherine Cervin, Chair, Board of Examiners
Kathrine Lawrence, Chair, Committee on Examinations in Family Medicine
Pamela Eisener-Parsche, Executive Director, Academic Family Medicine
Tim Allen, Director, Certification and Assessment