Resident Doctors of Canada Statement on Racism

Resident Doctors of Canada stands in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Racism, discrimination, violence and inequities of all forms, are unacceptable.

Building positive, safe, and diverse learning and working environments in medicine and championing optimal, equitable, and sustainable health and wellness for all Canadians, including physicians, are core RDoC values. However, there is clearly much work yet to be done to eradicate the systemic violence and racism faced by our BIPOC patients and colleagues. We all have a duty to take action, speak up and educate ourselves in the face of ignorance.

RDoC is committed to advocating for safe, positive, working and learning environments in medicine that are free of systemic racism for all Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and we are committing to the following initial, concrete actions:

  • Including an opportunity for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Resident Doctors to self-identify, as part of our volunteer recruitment initiatives. This would help us welcome and sustain diversity among resident doctor volunteers.
  • Collecting diversity data in our National Resident Survey and using that data to inform our work on behalf of resident doctors.
  • Encouraging diversity in our RDoC Annual Awards recipients, including reaching out to physician groups with members that identify as BIPOC to encourage them to submit nominations for the RDoC Awards.

RDoC is also committed to developing positive, longer-term, sustainable strategies and will be setting aside dedicated time at RDoC Board of Directors meetings, to clarify and discuss additional concrete actions we can take against racial injustice and violence.

RDoC stands in solidarity with our BIPOC communities. Together we will create a culture in medicine where inclusion, equity and diversity thrive.