Resident Doctors of Canada Launches “RDoC the Vote” Website Ahead of Federal Election

Site provides one-stop shopping for residents to make decisions and understand the various ways to vote in the Federal Election

OTTAWA – Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) today launched, a website designed to give residents across Canada a single, convenient place for information about voting in the 2019 federal election, taking place on October 21, 2019.

“Many residents struggle to find the time to vote, but our demographic determines election results,” said Dr. Meghan Bhatia, a Family Medicine resident at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bhatia is also the Team Lead for the RDoC Government Affairs Project Team. “Together, we are powerful. I’m hopeful that this resource will motivate residents to have a record-breaking turnout in this year’s extremely important election.”

The website features guidance on voting that is specifically catered to residents, whose unique schedules and busy lives have a potentially negative effect on democratic participation. Sections of the website address the how, the where, and the when of voting, and include information on accessibility levels, advanced polls, and special ballots.

“Voting matters because medicine is advocacy, and patient advocacy does not end at the hospital door,” said Dr. Michael Arget, a fourth-year Palliative Medicine resident at the University of Ottawa and Past-President of RDoC. “It’s important that we advocate for a better healthcare system, both for healthcare professionals and especially for patients.”

“The upcoming election is an opportunity for residents to have a say,” added Dr. Bhatia. “Every election impacts the future of healthcare.”

Visit for more information and follow RDoC’s Twitter page and new #RDoCthevote Instagram page for more updates.

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