RDoC Welcomes Incoming PGY1 Resident Doctors

Dear PGY1 Resident Doctors,

Welcome to the beginning of your residency journey! The start of residency is a time of new beginnings –  filled with excitement, anticipation and likely a bit of nerves as you wonder what the next two to seven years will hold for you. Residency is an experience like none other, at times you may feel overwhelmed but you will also likely feel inspired, hopeful and empowered. No day is the same, every day you will learn something new that will help you on your way to providing the best care for your patients. You will go from learner to teacher, acquiring and passing along new knowledge as you go. You’ve made it this far in your medical education and although residency is tough, you can do this – just look at all you’ve accomplished to get where you are today! 

Through the hard parts, the exciting parts and all the transitions, RDoC and your PHO will be there to support and advocate for you to ensure you get the best possible residency training experience. This means advocating at the national level to address systemic issues that impact medical education and training, working to advance the development of a humane medical culture and system, and collaborating with fellow national partners on issues that affect the interests of resident physicians in Canada – we can accomplish great things working together.  Our vision of “healthy residents – fulfilled physicians” is at the foundation of everything we do as an organization. We are here in service to you, our fellow Canadian resident doctors. 

To commemorate the beginning of your residency journey, RDoC is sending you a specially designed luggage tag that will be delivered by your PHO. We hope you wear these luggage tags proudly on backpacks and suitcases, so they can travel along with you through your residency and beyond! 

On behalf of everyone at Resident Doctors of Canada, we wish you the very best as you embark on this amazing journey. 

Take care,