RDoC Releases Position Paper on Implementing a Competency-Based Approach to Medical Education

Competency-based medical education (CBME) is a new approach to the design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of medical education programs. CBME de-emphasizes time-based training, focuses on graduate outcome abilities, and targets competencies based on societal and patient needs.

Our position paper, Implementing a Competency-Based Approach to Medical Education, outlines four principles and calls for action to help ensure a smooth transition during this time of great change in Canadian medical education.

The transition to CBME affects the entire Canadian medical education community. Our recommendations focus on how colleges, faculties, programs, hospitals, and other stakeholders should work together to plan for a smooth transition, innovate new curricula, re-engineer assessment and promotion activities, and assign new resources to properly support residents and staff during the adoption of CBME.