CAME offering Learner Faculty Poster Co-Evaluation Opportunity

Are you a student or resident interested in learning how to evaluate posters? If so, CAME has an upcoming opportunity for you at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education in Winnipeg April 29-May 2, 2017. The scholarship of the meeting depends on the generosity of volunteer reviewers. CAME’s contribution to the conference as one of five partners is to facilitate the evaluation of the poster and oral sessions. This year, some of our CAME faculty members have volunteered their time to teach students and residents about how to evaluate academic posters.

When you co-evaluate, you have an opportunity to see a peer and/or faculty in action. We will be using a standard tool and this year’s exciting poster session at CCME will be a great opportunity to develop these skills!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Mary Digout at the CAME office at and she will be happy to link you with CAME faculty member so that you can coordinate your schedules in advance of or at the conference.