Accreditation Workshop for New Resident Surveyors

Residents play an integral role in the Accreditation process in Canada. On Friday, October 2, 2015, RDoC and the Royal College will host an Accreditation Workshop for New Resident Surveyors. This workshop is designed for Royal College specialty residents who are interested in volunteering as a resident surveyor on Royal College accredited residency programs.

The workshop will provide participants with a review of the accreditation standards, the process of reviewing an accredited residency program, best practices in the accreditation process and an overview of the residents’ role in accreditation. This workshop will also help prepare residents for their role as a resident surveyor on a Royal College accredited residency program and will include an interactive mock accreditation review.

All workshop participants will be asked to volunteer on a full survey and/or external review in the future.

Visit the event listing for more information and to register online.