2016 Sandra Banner Student Award for Leadership (SBSAL) Post Graduate Winner Announced

Dr. Ashley Miller was recognized for her outstanding leadership skills, as the 2016 post-graduate recipient of the Sandra Banner Student Award for Leadership (SBSAL). The award, which recognizes the exceptional leadership, was presented to Dr. Miller at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) on April 17, 2016 in Montreal.

Dr. Miller is a fourth year resident in General Internal Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she completed her core internal medicine residency training. She is a graduate of the MD program at the University of Ottawa, where she was selected as an inaugural participant in the leadership curriculum. Her clinical interests include complex chronic disease and end of life care, and she aspires to cultivate a career that will combine generalist practice with health policy leadership and administration.

Ashley’s journey through medical school and residency has been defined by her multiple contributions to the Canadian medical education and health policy environments. As Vice President of Advocacy for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, she lobbied for enhanced socioeconomic diversity through medical school admissions. In her various roles on the board of Resident Doctors of Canada, most recently as Vice President, Ashley has been a strong advocate for socially accountable physician resource planning. She is a longstanding member of the Canadian Doctors for Medicare board, where she has been privileged to learn from inspiring champions for evidence based health care reform. She is an active contributor at the local level, as resident board member for the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association and key contributor in the development of her newly accredited subspecialty training program