Dear Colleagues,

Resident Doctors Awareness Week 2021 (February 8 – 12, 2021) is a national celebration of the vital work undertaken by resident physicians for patients and health systems in Canada. Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) looks forward to taking the opportunity to acknowledge and promote the achievements of residents across the country.

We are kicking off the week by sharing Message to my Future Self, a video created by RDoC’s 2019-2020 Wellness Team when the COVID-19 pandemic was first declared. The video is filled with short vignettes from residents with words of encouragement and hope. Residents across the country are providing critical front-line work under an immense amount of stress together with the uncertainty that this pandemic has brought.

We would like to encourage you to record your own videos with messages to your “future self” on the social media platform of your choice, using the hashtag #MessageToMyFutureSelf, as well as submit them to for use in a second compilation video. Being future focused, while acknowledging all that you are dealing with, is a powerful way of remaining resilient.

Throughout the week, we will highlight an updated version of our Ten Fast Facts about Resident Doctors in Canada infographic, which presents relevant information and facts about who residents are and what we do.

All resources for the week will be posted on RDoC’s websiteFacebook page, and Twitter account. We’ll also be sharing awareness-related material from our stakeholders, including our provincial partners. Be sure to follow the hashtags #ResidentDoctorsAwareness and #MessageToMyFutureSelf throughout the week.

On behalf of the 2020-2021 RDoC Board of Directors, I hope you have an amazing Resident Doctors Awareness Week and I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for all the hard work all of you have been doing for Canadians during the pandemic!

Best regards,

Dr. Esther Kim

RDoC President, 2020-2021