The 2015 Family Medicine Forum (FMF) was held November 11-14, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. The conference is Canada’s largest and most comprehensive annual conference for family physicians. This event is co-hosted each fall by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and its Section of Teachers, Section of Researchers, and local host chapter.

Here are the highlights:

Workshop: Teaching Resiliency to Resident Doctors for a Rewarding and Sustainable Career


  • Dr. Christina Nowik, Past President, RDoC, PGY-4 OB/Gyn & CIP, Queen’s University
  • Dr. Gillian Schiau Secretary, RDOC, PGY-6 Interventional Radiology, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Nureen Sumar, early in practice Family Physician, Calgary

This workshop focused on understanding of the Mental Health Continuum and how it applies to practice; understanding how to recognize shifts in mental health and the importance for recognizing and intervening early when shifts occur; and learning the Big 4+ skills and how they can be applied in daily practice and life to mitigate stress in challenging situations both personally and professionally.

Workshop: Role of Resident Representative on Accreditation Visits


  • Dr. Keith Wycliffe-Jones, Chair, CFPC Accreditation Committee and Survey Chair
  • Dr. Shirley Schipper Member, CFPC Accreditation Committee and Survey Chair
  • Dr. Ric Almond, CFPC Director of Accreditation
  • Dr. Robin Clouston, Resident Surveyor and 2014-15 RDoC representative, CFPC Accreditation Committee
  • Dr. Steve Hawrylyshyn, Resident Surveyor
  • Ms. Judith Scott, CFPC Accreditation Manager

This workshop focused on sharing and discussing the proposed major changes in both accreditation standards and accreditation processes for family medicine residency training.

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