The 149th Annual Meeting and General Council of the Canadian Medical Association was held in Vancouver on August 21-24, 2016 and featured a number of resident doctors presenting, speaking at various sessions, and submitting delegate motions.

Session & Speaker(s)
Strategic Session #3
Strengthening resilience in medical training and practice: moving from rhetoric to action

This session:

  • acquainted members with the concept of resilience;
  • examined how resilience can be compromised by both internal and external factors; and
  • explored why resilience is a critical issue across the physician lifecycle – with a particular emphasis on students, residents, and early-career physicians.

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Dean

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Motion GM 5-28

Mover: Dr. Kimberly Williams

Seconder: Mr. Franco Rizzuti

The Canadian Medical Association supports the inclusion of education and the development of Canadian accreditation elements related to medical assistance in dying for all medical students and resident physicians.

Motion SS3 9-6 — Consent Agenda

Mover: Dr. Anthea Lafreniere

Seconder: Dr. Tom McLaughlin

The Canadian Medical Association supports the inclusion of wellness and resiliency curricula in medical education and Canadian accreditation standards and elements.