Notre discussion en ligne dirigée par la docteure Christina Nowik, résidente de sixième en médicine materno-fœtale à la University of British Columbia et le docteur Terry Colbourne, un résident de quatrième année en pneumologie à la University of Manitoba (en anglais seulement.)



2:15 – When you were making the decision to have a family during residency, what were your initial fears?

7:30 To your knowledge, what are the parental leave guidelines in your region?

13:25 – As a physician parent, what resources did you use, find most useful, interesting or unique policies that supported new parents?

14:40 – Do you think the provincial guidelines in Manitoba are reasonable?

16:40 – Do you know of any groups, medical or not, that are good support resources for young/new parents?

19:20 – What challenges did you face in the process and what was call like the first time upon returning to work?

25:55 – Is there a better time to have a baby while in residency?

33:40 – Looking back, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to residents who are contemplating having a family during residency?

38:00 – By taking paternal leave, will you graduate your fellowship on time and is that a concern?

39:55 – Did you find it financially challenging, especially with the costs of child-care?

44:35 – Terry, could you speak about the option that you have where you are with a private system that might allow you to travel with your children on elective and access day-care through the same company?

47:00 – What do you think, if anything, needs to be changed in how the faculties of medicine handle the transition to parenthood?

50:55 – Do you have any tips for completing busy rotations during pregnancy?

54:40 – How has becoming a parent impacted the way you view your job, interact with your parents or your focus on your work/life balance?