An AMA with the CMPA

The CMPA offers a wide array of helpful resources. Check them out!

  • Interested in more topics on reducing your medical legal risk and safe medical care?
    Join the CMPA Safe Care Live Facebook closed group for residents and new doctors.
    (Every month or so they schedule a new live Q&A event with Dr. Dennis Desai and guests.)
  • Visit the CMPA website for the latest articles on medical-legal and safe medical care topics, CMPA Perspective magazine, listing of member events and more.
  • Stay in the know on EMRs, EHRs, security and privacy issues related to eRecords and more. Read the CMPA eRecords Handbook.
  • Use the CMPA Good Practices Guide as your go-to #MedEd learning resource on reducing your medical-legal risk and practising safe medical care. Review core patient safety topics mapped to CanMEDS roles. Cases, quizzes, key concepts, and good practices keep it interactive and engaging.
  • Have a question or require medical-legal assistance? CMPA members are encouraged to call the CMPA. Visit the Contact us page.