Recommendations for the CMA Award for Young Leaders – Resident

RDoC is seeking your recommendation for our organization’s nomination for the CMA Young Leaders Award (Resident category). This award celebrates the efforts of young physician leaders of tomorrow for their efforts today. More details about the award can be found here:

A number of RDoC volunteers have previously won this award, including Dr. Ali Damji (2019) and Dr. Anthea Lafreniere (2020).

We’d like you to identify deserving individuals who have volunteered or are volunteering with RDoC and tell us why they are excellent candidates to be nominated by RDoC for this award. We would prefer that the focus of your recommendation be based on their national-level work, but feel free to also make reference to relevant provincial- and local-level work.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Awards Committee, who will then select the one individual to be nominated by RDoC. The office will then work with the individual to complete and submit the nomination package by the CMA’s deadline of November 30, 2020.

Contact the office at if you have any questions.