RDoC is proud to honour those who, with enthusiasm, passion, and proficiency, have contributed to the enrichment of the resident experience in Canada. Lois Ross served for many years as Executive Director of CAIR and PAIRO, during which time she worked tirelessly to represent the interests of all resident doctors in Canada. The Board has presented this award since 2009 in honour of her achievements. Beginning in 2011, this award has been reserved to acknowledge the important role that non-physicians play in residency.

Before February 2015, this award was known as the Lois Ross CAIR Award for Service to Residents.

Award Eligibility

Residency training program administrators and administrators associated with medical organizations; nurses, pharmacists, hospital administrative staff or other allied health professionals; any other non-physician individual(s), programs or organizations closely associated with the enrichment of the resident experience in Canada. In situations where an organization is being nominated, please provide a contact name for that organization on the application.

Award Criteria

To qualify, nominees must:

  • demonstrate a firm commitment to the advancement of the resident experience  through specific actions and initiatives;
  • exemplify creativity and leadership in taking action to better the resident experience; and,
  • bring about change that has the potential to result in positive, long‐term improvement to the resident experience in Canada.


2023 Ms. Janna Ethier

University of Saskatchewan

2022 Ms. Leah Chomyshen

University of Saskatchewan 

2021 Ms. Priscilla De Luca

Western University

2020 Ms. Jordan Sinnett

Queen’s University

2019 Ms. Christine Silver Smith
Dalhousie University
2018 Ms. Charlène Fouqueray
University of Calgary
2017 Ms. Jennifer Collins
Memorial University
2016 Ms. Sharon Cameron
McMaster University
2015 Ms. Marilyn Blake
University of Alberta
2014 Ms. Caroline Sutherland
University of Toronto
2013 Ms. Michelle Murray
Skills Centre for Health Sciences, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, Halifax
2012 Ms. Brenda Meier
University of Alberta
2011 Ms. Carmen Frese
University of Calgary
2010 Not awarded
2009 Doctor Karen Saperson
McMaster University