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Resident Doctors of Canada is pleased to honour those who, with enthusiasm, passion, and proficiency, have contributed to improving resident wellness in Canada. During his term as President and as Wellbeing Chair, Dr. Derek Puddester dedicated himself to rededicating RDoC’s efforts in promoting the wellness of all resident doctors in Canada. The Board has presented this award in honour of his achievements since 2002. Beginning in 2012, the Award has been presented in two categories: Staff and Resident.

Before February 2015, this award was known as the Dr. Derek Puddester CAIR Award for Resident Well-Being.

Award Eligibility

Staff category: Physicians, including program directors, educators or others; any other individual(s), programs or organizations closely associated with resident wellness in Canada. In situations where an organization is being nominated, please provide a contact name for that organization on the application.

Resident category: Resident doctors registered in any Canadian PGME program. Nominees for the resident categories must have been a resident doctor training in Canada within the past 12 months to be eligible for consideration.

Award Criteria

To qualify, nominees must:

  • demonstrate a firm commitment to resident wellness through specific actions and initiatives;
  • exemplify creativity and leadership in taking action to improve and promote resident wellness; and,
  • bring about change that has the potential to result in positive, long-term improvement to resident wellness in Canada.


Resident Physician Category Staff Physician Category
2021 Doctor Alexandre Coutin
University of Ottawa
Doctors Shannon Ruzycki, Kannin Osei-Tutu,
and MacGregor Steele
The Directors of Resident Support Program,
University of Calgary
2020 Doctor Erene Stergiopoulos
University of Toronto
Doctor Sarah Manos
Dalhousie University
2019 Doctor Alyssa Lip
University of Calgary
Doctor Cheryl ffrench
University of Manitoba
2018 Doctor Jonathan Dean
University of Saskatchewan
Doctor Jonathan DellaVedova
Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sault Ste Marie
2017 Doctor Ahmed Taher
University of Toronto
Doctor Eric Barlett
University of Toronto
2016 Doctor Zafrina Poonja
University of Saskatchewan
Doctor Dianna Louie
BC Children’s Hospital
2015 Doctor Laura Swaney
Dalhousie University
Doctor Susan Edwards
University of Toronto
2014 Doctor Kathleen Broad
University of Toronto
Doctor Yves Talbot
University of Toronto
2013 Doctor Daisy Lui
McMaster University
Doctor Joanne Todesco
University of Calgary
2012 Doctor Amy Robinson
Montreal Children’s Hospital
Doctors Kathryn Dong and Erica Dance
University of Alberta
2011 Doctor Steve Beerman
University of British Columbia
2010 Doctor Keith Wycliffe-Jones
University of Calgary
2009 Doctor David Vanderburgh
Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Thunder Bay
2008 The Alberta Physician and Family Support Program (PFSP)
2007 Doctor François Bourque
la Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec
2006 Doctor Jordan Cohen
University of Calgary
2005 Mrs Lois Ross
2004 Doctor Monica Penner
2003 Doctor Hanif Chatur*
2002 Doctor Mike Myers
University of British Columbia

*First resident recipient