RDoC is proud to honour those who, with enthusiasm, passion, and proficiency, have contributed to improving undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Canada. During his time on the Board of Directors, Dr. Joseph Mikhael worked tirelessly to represent the interests of all residents in Canada, refocusing our role in medical education. The Board has presented this award in honour of his achievements since 2005. Beginning in 2013, the Award has been presented in two categories: Staff and Resident.

Before February 2015, this award was known as the Dr. Joseph Mikhael CAIR Award for Medical Education.

RDoC is now seeking nominations for the 2020 RDoC Mikhael Award. The deadline for submissions is January 29, 2021 at 1700hrs EST.

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Award Eligibility

Staff category: Physicians, including program directors, educators, or others; any other individual(s), programs, or organizations closely associated with medical education in Canada. In situations where an organization is being nominated, please provide a contact name for that organization on the application.

Resident category: Resident doctors registered in any Canadian PGME program. Nominees for the resident categories must have been a resident doctor training in Canada within the past 12 months to be eligible for consideration.

Award Criteria

To qualify, nominees must:

  • demonstrate a firm commitment to medical education through specific actions and initiatives;
  • exemplify creativity and leadership in taking action to improve and promote medical education; and
  • bring about change that has the potential to result in positive, long term improvement to medical education in Canada.


  • 2019 – (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Stuart Murdoch (Postgraduate Education Program Director for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto)
  • 2019 – (Resident Category) Dr. Conrad Tsang (PGY-4 Public Health and Preventive Medicine, University of British Columbia)
  • 2018 – (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Warren Cheung (Associate Director, Education Innovation, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, University of Ottawa)
  • 2018 – (Resident Category) Dr. Bruce Fage (PGY-5 Psychiatry, University of Toronto)
  • 2017 — (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Michael Froeschl (Program Director, Cardiology Residency Training Program and a Staff Interventional Cardiologist, University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
  • 2017 — (Resident Physician Category) Dr. Mary Beth Bissell (Chief Resident in radiology, Memorial University)
  • 2016 — (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Barry Kassen (General Internist, University of British Columbia)
  • 2016 — (Resident Physician Category) Dr. Kathryn Darras (Senior resident in radiology, University of British Columbia)
  • 2015 — (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Sharon Peters (Internist and Respirologist, Memorial University)
  • 2015 — (Resident Physician Category) Dr. Nada Gawad (PGY-2 General Surgery, University of Ottawa)
  • 2014 — (Staff Physician Category) Dr. George Porfiris (Education Director, Department of Emergency Medicine at the Toronto East General Hospital)
  • 2014 — (Resident Physician Category) Dr. Darren de SA (PGY-3 Orthopedic Surgery, McMaster University)
  • 2013 — (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Marika Hohol (Program Director Adult Neurology, University of Toronto)
  • 2013 — (Resident Physician Category) Dr. Farhan Asrar (PGY-5 Public Health and Family Medicine, McMaster University)
  • 2012 — (Staff Physician Category) Dr. Keith Goulden (Neurodevelopment Pediatrician, outgoing Program Director for Development Pediatrics Subspecialty Residency Training Program, University of Alberta)
  • 2012 — (Resident Physician Category) Dr. Charles Kassardjian (PGY-5 Neurology, University of Toronto)
  • 2011 — Dr. Lara Cooke (Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Calgary)
  • 2010 — Dr. Rishi Gupta (PGY5 Opthalmology, University of Ottawa)
  • 2009 — Dr. George Elleker (Associate Dean, PGME, the University of Alberta)
  • 2008 — Dr. Colin Chalk (Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University)
  • 2007 — Dr. Brian Hodges (Director of the Wilson Centre, University of Toronto)
  • 2006 — Dr. Alecs Chochinov (Chair of the Canadian Medical Association Council on Education and Workforce)
  • 2005 — Dr. Nadia Mikhael (Director of Education for the Royal College)