2021-2022 RDoC Outstanding Volunteers of the Year

Call for Nominations

The deadline for submissions is 0900 EDT on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

The Outstanding Volunteers of the Year (OVY) Award is given to RDoC volunteers who have stood out among our volunteer base. The award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to RDoC. 


  • Nominees must be an RDoC member in good standing or a member within the past 12-months; 
  • Nominees must have made an outstanding volunteer contribution to RDoC over the past year, e.g.: 
    • strengthening and/or creating partnerships with external organizations, 
    • advancing a key national issue,
    • advocating for Canada’s resident doctors in stakeholder discussions,
    • demonstrating consistent leadership, or
    • investing time and effort into RDoC Committee projects.
  • Nominees can have past participation as any of the following:
    • an RDoC Board Member,
    • a member of at least one RDoC Committee or Team,
    • an RDoC Liaison Representative,
    • Resident Surveyor, or
    • Resiliency Trainer.

Note: current members of RDoC’s Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated for this award.


Nominations can be submitted by current RDoC volunteers via this online form which includes space to provide a written description of the nominee’s accomplishments that qualify them for this award. This description must be a minimum of 100 words in length, and no more than 500. 

Nominations will then be reviewed by the Awards Committee to confirm the list of recipients.


Recipients will be announced at Part I of RDoC’s Annual General Meeting in June 2022. In addition, RDoC will promote the results of the award on our website and social media channels.

Recipients will also receive a letter and certificate signed by the President. An electronic copy of the letter will be sent to the recipient, their program director, and their post-graduate dean.

If you have any questions about the OVY award, email awards@residentdoctors.ca.

Previous Residents recognized as Outstanding Volunteers by RDoC


Dr. Alexandra Manning, Dr. Ramona Neferu


Dr. Tehmina Ahmad, Dr. Meghan Bhatia, Dr. Bernard Ho, Dr. Vivian Tam


Dr. Aditi Amin, Dr. Michael Benusic, Dr. Brandon Tang