Resiliency Webinars

We’ve adapted the Optimal Self Curriculum materials to a virtual format so that we can continue to offer our resiliency programming to residents during the pandemic.

Resident Module

RDoC has condensed the Resident Module workshop into a 90-minute webinar for residents. The webinar covers the same tools that were previously presented during the in-person Resident Module workshop (e.g. Mental Health Continuum, The Big Four+ and H.E.L.P. acronym for peer support).

Learning Objectives: This session will help residents identify early signs of distress and relevant early interventions, apply evidence-based skills to reduce stress and optimize performance, and recognize how and when to seek support.

Leadership Module

This 90-minute webinar is intended for anyone in PGME who works with, leads or supports residents in any way during their medical training. The Leadership Module has some overlap with the Resident Module, with a greater focus on moving beyond individual stress management in order to address some of the more systemic/cultural barriers to wellness in medicine.

Learning Objectives: This session will help PGME staff/admin identify early signs of distress in residents, provide support with practical interventions, and acknowledge, explore and challenge the role of systemic barriers to seeking care in medicine.

For More Information

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a webinar for your own program, please contact us at