RDoC is committed to promoting the development of strategies and enhancing our medical education curriculum to prepare residents with the knowledge, skills and competencies in opioid use and abuse and pain management and addictions.

We have expressed our support to the Association of Faculties of Medicine (AFMC) proposal for funding to Health Canada’s Substance Use and Additions Program (SUAP) for the development of a learner-focused and competency-based educational curriculum in pain management and addictions, with a focus on opioid use. Development of this educational model would ensure that the tools are in place to support Canada’s doctors in their efforts to curb the nation’s current opioid epidemic.

Resident Doctors of Canada has also taken a unique approach to championing the rewarding work that our resident members are undertaking across the country in opioid prevention and advocacy. RDoC has expanded the Resident Profile collection to feature residents who are championing positive work in response to the Canadian opioid crisis. The intent of these profiles is not only to celebrate the positive contributions resident doctors are making towards addressing the crisis, but also to serve as a resource to educate and inspire fellow learners.

If you are interested in submitting a profile, complete the Expression of Interest form. Please share this request broadly with your peers and colleagues.