Intimidation and harassment (I&H) is a risk in any workplace, and it is unfortunately prevalent in medical residency. Intimidation in medical education is defined as any behaviour, educational process, or tradition that induces fear in the learner or has a detrimental effect on the learning environment. Intimidation occurs to varying degrees in residency training − sometimes subtle, other times overt.

RDoC’s Role

In 1996, RDoC released its initial position paper on I&H. Since that time, we have continued to work with faculties of medicine to promote and ensure a positive learning and working environment for resident doctors.

In keeping with our objective to enrich the experience of medical education, inspire a redefined work environment for resident doctors, and promote a culture of respect, our current focus in this area now is to recognize I&H prevention as necessary to improving the work and learning environment for residents. RDoC believes that residency programs should focus on creating and maintaining a positive work environment for staff physicians, resident doctors, medical students, and all members of the healthcare team.