Proper management of physician health human resources (HHR) is an essential component of quality health care. In a publicly funded system, it is critically important to achieve value, effectiveness, and efficiency in the utilization and expenditure of health care resources.

The fact that Canadian residency graduates, from many specialty groups, experience difficulty in finding full-time employment continues to be a major concern to governments, hospitals, students contemplating a career in medicine, and residents close to or currently looking for independent practice opportunities. This trend also has a significant impact on Canadian patients and their access to health care.

RDoC’s Role

In 2013 we released the position paper, Resident Physician Principles on Health Human Resources. Since that time, we have continued to focus on advocacy and participation in national HHR stakeholder initiatives. We continue to:

  • be a strong voice for residents on the Physician Resource Planning Advisory Committee (PRPAC);
  • work to improve the pan-Canadian alignment of physician human resources; and
  • provide accurate information to support decision-making by those considering and currently pursuing medical education.