The 2014-17 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting on June 14, 2014 in Edmonton. It articulates the following key features of the organization:


Three strategic directions were also identified:

As trainees, teachers and clinicians, we will be:

  • recognized for anticipating and providing leadership on medical education issues.
  • influential in residency training to foster exceptional patient-centred care.
  • an integral part of national curriculum development, accreditation, certification, licensure and examination policy.
  • supporters of seamless transitions throughout training into practice.

As trainees, teachers and clinicians, we will:

  • inspire a redefined work environment for resident doctors.
  • promote a culture of respect.
  • champion the good health of Canadian resident doctors.

As trainees, teachers and clinicians, we will:

  • be the go-to organization for the Canadian resident perspective on medical education.
  • cultivate continuous meaningful dialogue with our members and the Provincial House staff Organizations.
  • seek to partner and collaborate with stakeholders as the national leader on resident issues.
  • ensure our Board members, Committee members and liaison representatives are effective advocates for their colleagues.