RDoC’s Members are collectively known as the Provincial Housestaff Organizations (PHOs). The six PHOs represent the personal and practice interests of resident doctors within their respective regions. Each PHO is represented at RDoC by a Member Representative. The 2023/2024 RDoC PHO Member Representatives are listed below:

Dr. Ari Cuperfain

Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO)

PGY-5 Psychiatry

Dr. Nicole Pendleton

Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan (RDoS)

PGY-4 Neurosurgery

Dr. Patrick Holland

Maritime Resident Doctors (MarDocs)

PGY-4 Internal Medicine – Oncology

Dr. Peter Gregory

Professional Association of Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador (PARNL)

PGY-5 General Internal Medicine

Dr. Rachel Bethune

Professional Association of Residents and Interns of Manitoba (PARIM)

PGY-4 Pediatrics

Dr. Soma Dalai

Resident Doctors of British Columbia (RDBC)

PGY-4 Internal Medicine – Infectious Disease

For more information about RDoC’s PHO member organizations please visit their websites