Dear fellow residents,

Last year was a historic time for RDoC as we adopted a new modern governance structure that will set RDoC up for years of continued success. On November 26, 2022, we welcomed the 2022/2023 Board of Directors under this new structure. 

It is with great privilege and pride that I now get the opportunity to serve as your RDoC President for this academic year. 

Through my various roles at RDoC over the past few years, I have seen first hand what an amazing solutions-focused organization we are, and just how well the voice of residents is represented at the national level.

The last few years have been extremely difficult for all of us. Our training, our examinations and even our personal lives have all been disrupted more than what we thought was ever possible. We have stepped up beyond any expectations and, alongside our other healthcare colleagues, have held the crushing weight of a crumbling healthcare system. The issues facing our profession are numerous and pressing. They require tireless work to come up with the best solutions for all residents. However, I want you to be rest assured that RDoC has your back.

I am proud to be working with our dedicated Board of Directors, alongside our CEO and her professional team, to develop strategies with the goal of achieving the best possible training experience for Canada’s resident doctors.  We are also committed to providing you with the best possible programs and support to help you be your optimal self. Everything RDoC does is in pursuit of greater resident well-being and achieving a more humane and equitable medical culture that is rooted in the principles of reconciliation, equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. 

Going into the New Year, RDoC is focusing on several key advocacy issues of national importance, including amongst others:

  • Creating a robust Health Human Resources (HHR) plan
  • Avoiding unnecessary extensions of training
  • Putting the resident experience at the centre of Competence by Design 
  • Ensuring all examinations are fair, relevant and never redundant
  • Protecting a learner-centered subspecialty match process
  • Establishing a national licensure program
  • Promoting resident well-being 

This year’s Board will continue the tremendous work already advanced on these issues by those who came before us. One of RDoC’s key strengths as an organization is the depth and longevity of our relationships with other national organizations, which is in large part due to RDoC’s solutions-focused approach to issues. In my first official engagement as RDoC President in December 2022, I met with all the national leaders in medical education in Canada through the Canadian Medical Forum, including the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Stephen Lucas. We discussed many national issues, with a particular focus on HHR. We are stronger together and I am committed to working with our fellow national organizations to collectively solve the wicked problems currently facing the healthcare and medical education systems in Canada – always ensuring the national voice of residents is represented and respected. 

I want to close by expressing my sincere gratitude to RDoC’s past president Dr. Seyara Shwetz for her incredible leadership, and the entire 2021/2022 Board for setting up the organization for years of future success. It is an honour to serve as your President and I am committed to ensuring your voice is heard, and that collectively we improve residency training in Canada for current and future generations of resident doctors.

– Carl

Dr. Carl White Ulysse
RDoC President 2022-2023