Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Academic Year!  

Over the past year, resident doctors across Canada have lived, worked, and trained in a constantly evolving, pandemic-stricken medical-education landscape. This has been a defining challenge for our generation of medical learners, but resident’s willingness to adapt to new learning and working environments while not compromising on patient care has been exemplary.

I am inspired by the way my colleagues have embraced virtual academics. Residents have proven themselves to be pillars of pandemic appropriateness in their communities, as they provided care to patients while worrying about loved ones at home. Their collective contribution to Canadian health care has far exceeded their call of duty. 

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) continued to serve as the unified voice for Canada’s resident physicians, negotiating and advocating for positive change, safer working environments, and workplaces that embrace equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices.  This past year, RDoC successfully affected positive change that will impact future generations of medical learners. We could not have accomplished this without your direct influence. By informing us of your lived experiences with the issues affecting your daily training, we were able to advocate for pandemic pay, fair examinations, and adequate access to PPE and vaccinations. Thank you!

This is my fourth year working with Resident Doctors of Canada, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as the RDoC President for 2021-2022.  I am excited to be working with the RDoC board and RDoC’s professional team to build on the momentum of last year’s accomplishments while nimbly tackling the issues of today’s resident physicians.  

Drawing from the lived experience of resident doctors, our board members and volunteers are the subject experts on the priority areas of focus for 2021/22. RDoC’s team will work collaboratively with residents in addressing key challenges with competency-based education. Our advocacy work in this area will be solutions-focussed as we push for fair examination and licensing processes. 

We will also be working on strategies to ensure the well-being of residents and we are dedicated to strengthening and expanding equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices in medicine. We will promote safe, positive working environments, and we will work closely with other medical organizations to ensure Canada’s post-graduate medical education is amongst the best in the world.

At RDoC our mantra is “nothing about you without you.”  So as President, I am here to listen. To be the catalyst of important change, and to advocate for Canada’s resident physicians, we need to hear your concerns, ideas, solutions, and inspirations!  Please reach out by email, over social media, or in person! I sincerely look forward to working alongside you!

Take care,

– Sey

Seyara Shwetz
RDoC President 2021-2022