2020-2021 RDoC Outstanding Volunteers of the Year Award

RDoC is seeking nominees for the RDoC Outstanding Volunteers of the Year Award.

The deadline for nominations is May 27, 2021, at 1200 EDT.

Award Description

The Outstanding Volunteers of the Year Award is given to an RDoC volunteer or volunteers who stand out among our volunteer base. The award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to RDoC and who would not otherwise receive public recognition for their efforts.

Last year’s recipients can be viewed here.

Eligible Criteria

Nominees must:

  • Be an RDoC member in good standing or in the past 12-months;
  • Have made an outstanding volunteer contribution to RDoC over the past year, e.g.:
    • strengthening and/or creating partnerships with external organizations,
    • advancing a key national issue,
    • advocating for Canada’s resident doctors in stakeholder discussions
    • demonstrating consistent leadership,
    • investing time and effort into RDoC Committee projects
  • Have participated as any of the following:
    • An RDoC Board Member,
    • A member of an RDoC Committee*,
    • A member of an RDoC team
    • An RDoC Liaison Representative,
    • A Resident surveyor, and/or
    • A Resiliency trainer.

*Current RDoC Awards Committee members are not eligible for consideration for an Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award.


Nominations can be submitted by current RDoC volunteers. Nominations are to be submitted via the online form below, including a description of the nominee.

RDoC will follow up with you if we feel your nomination package could be strengthened.

Please forward any questions to awards@residentdoctors.ca.


Up to four (4) Outstanding Volunteer Awards will be presented in any given year.

Recipients will be announced at the Annual General Meeting. In addition, RDoC will promote the results of the award using Social Media, our website, and the Annual Report.

A letter, signed by the President, the Chair of the Awards Committee, and the RDoC Executive Director will be sent to each recipient’s program director and PG Dean.