Wellness is an essential aspect of enriching the medical education experience. RDoC is committed supporting its members’ health and wellness by providing resident physicians with tools that will help them better support themselves, their patients and their peers, not only during medical training, but over the course of their careers. RDoC contributes to this key strategic direction in these ways:

  • inspiring a redefined work environment for resident doctors;
  • promoting a culture of respect; and
  • championing the good health of Canadian resident doctors: mind, body, and spirit.

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While medical training traditionally focuses on clinical skills, it is just as essential to ensure that residents learn to maintain and improve their overall health and wellbeing. For that reason, RDoC is leading the development of a resiliency curriculum. Read more >


Resident doctors are in a unique position, being both learners and front-line care providers in Canada’s health care system. Fulfilling this dual role means that residents often spend lengthy consecutive hours on duty. Read more >


RDoC believes that residency programs should focus on creating and maintaining a positive work environment for everyone. We believe that this can be achieved by placing an emphasis on education regarding inappropriate workplace behaviour and how to properly address it. Read more >


Many residents must navigate their training with challenges not faced by their peers, whether physical, cognitive, or psychological. Some challenges, such as how to navigate the halls of a busy hospital in a wheelchair, are more visible to others, but many challenges are invisible. Read more >