Resident doctors frequently transfer from one residency program to another. Residents may transfer for many reasons, including changes in professional interests, evolving personal circumstances, or employment prospects in a particular discipline. Each postgraduate medical education office across Canada has policies in place to guide residents interested in transferring within and between institutions.

RDoC’s Role

After conducting an extensive evaluation of the official PGME resident transfer policies at Canadian faculties of medicine, RDoC has developed a series of national principles that:

  • promote flexibility, consistency, and efficiency in the transfer process across individual programs;
  • raise resident awareness of the inter- and intra-provincial transfer process; and
  • promote transparency among educators, residents, and programs.

April 2015: National Transfer Guidelines
The PGME Deans approved a set of guidelines designed to offer a transparent transfer process to both resident doctors and universities involved.

August 2013: Delegate Motion on Transfers Approved
This motion was presented by Dr. Jesse Pasternak and Dr. Gillian Shiau and approved during a Strategic Session on Physician Resources at the CMA General Council Annual Meeting in Calgary.

June 2013: Principles on Resident Transfers
This position statement was released, including five national principles and provided an outline of a suggested transfer process.

April 2013: Transfer Principles Workshop
RDoC presented this workshop at the 2013 Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) in Ottawa.

2012-2013: Official Resident Transfer Policies
RDoC’s Education and Professionalism Committee (EPC) evaluated the official resident transfer policies of postgraduate medical education at Canadian faculties of medicine.

April 22, 2013: An Evaluation of the Official Canadian PGME Transfer Policies
Drs. Alec Yarascavitch, Aleksandra Paliga, Tarek Ezzat, Jasbir Jaswal, Jesse Pasternak. presented this topic at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME).

  • Update our Principles on Resident Transfers statement to align it with the 2015 National Transfer Guidelines, approved by the PGME Deans in April 2015.