The Future of Medical Education in Canada Postgraduate Project (FMEC PG) was the second in a series of projects funded by Health Canada to create a vision for producing the types of physicians Canadians need, now and in the future. Building on a previous effort that focused on the training of students going through undergraduate medical school, FMEC PG looked at ways to improve their postgraduate education as they moved through residency and into independent practice. The Future of Medical Education in Canada: A Collective Vision for PG Education report, released in March 2012, set out 10 recommendations for achieving the project’s vision as well as the actions that must be taken in order to succeed.

The FMEC PG Project charts a new course for major improvements to postgraduate medical education as Canada’s medical doctors move through residency and into independent practice with the ultimate goal of ensuring that medical residents receive the best training possible and are able to meet the changing healthcare needs of Canadians.

Areas of collaboration with RDoC may vary but typically include:

  • FMEC PG Collaborative Governance Council
  • PGME Accommodations Working Group
  • PGME Generalism Working Group