Social accountability is intrinsic to medicine and is a guiding principle for RDoC’s work.

RDoC’s Role

RDoC continues to expand the concept of social accountability and has begun to examine the related issue of physician autonomy and medical professionalism in the changing health care system.
Our intent is to promote social accountability within medical education and the broader healthcare system and to support RDoC’s leadership role in realizing these objectives.

March 2016: Brainstorming session with RDoC Board of Directors on the importance of social accountability within medical education and in future practice.

Feb 2015: Generative discussion (facilitated Q-Storming exercise) with RDoC Board of Directors on professional autonomy and accountability for resident doctors as trainees and care providers.

2014-2015: Identification of key themes and discussion of next steps.

2014-2016: Continued representation on the FMEC PG Social Accountability Implementation Committee and the AFMC Resource Group on Social Accountability.

  • Collaborate with Choosing Wisely Canada on resource management and stewardship national/regional initiatives.
  • Identify key themes and importance/ impact from resident doctor perspective(s).
  • Incorporate social accountability insights and considerations across all RDoC activities.