A sustainable health care system must ensure an appropriate specialty mix that is responsive to population needs. This requires effective physician resource planning and training – but for resident doctors, anxiety may also exist surrounding how to go about actually finding jobs when the time comes.

RDoC’s Role

RDoC has advocated for longitudinal career counselling that reflects the best available evidence on all aspects of medical school, residency, and practice. We believe that better data, planning and analysis is needed to ensure the provision of appropriate resources and supports, including career counselling and mentoring to residents as they make career decisions.

February 2016 and Ongoing: Launch of Resident Profiles
RDoC released the first six resident profiles during Resident Awareness Week (February 16-19), with ongoing release of additional profiles as they become available. Each profile is a first-person account intended to help learners with their career decision-making process by presenting the personal experiences of Resident Doctors training in different specialties.

Fall 2015: Updated List of Job/Career Resources
RDoC updated the list of resources currently available to residents/new physicians related to job opportunities and career planning. Results can be viewed in the annotated list of resources/links.

August 25, 2015: Building momentum for change in the postgraduate medical training system: matching output with practice opportunities
Working closely with the CFMS and the CMA, RDoC developed this learner-focused Strategic Session that took place at the CMA Annual Meeting (General Council) in Halifax.

Spring 2015: Resources Review
RDoC conducted a comprehensive review of existing resources available to residents/new physicians related to job opportunities and career planning. The results were captured in a draft report that includes an annotated list of resources/links, general observations and recommendations for addressing gaps to better meet resident needs.

February 2014: Career Counselling in Canadian Residency Training Programs Scorecard
RDoC released a career planning-related scorecard that made key recommendations based on a comprehensive literature review and survey research.

June 2013: Resident Principles on Physician Health Human Resources to Better Serve Canadians
RDoC released this position paper calling for a national HHR plan and better ways to anticipate physician supply and demand to meet patient needs, as well as reliable data and better coordination between patient needs and residency training positions to help residents with career decisions.

  • Develop a centralized webpage for career resources and continue to review/promote to members
  • Continue to develop and disseminate resident specialty profiles.
  • Continue representation on the Physician Resource Planning Advisory Committee working to improve the pan-Canadian alignment of physician human resources and provide accurate information to support decision-making by those considering and currently pursuing medical education.