I am honoured to be elected to President of Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) for the 2016-2017 year. It is a privilege to lead an organization that works daily to help improve the lives of our over 9,000 members. As a pan-Canadian organization we represent the diversity of resident physicians needs which vary based not only on speciality and stage of training, but also geography. My goal this year is to work with your elected representatives to make sure that this diversity is represented in the key advocacy issues we tackle. I also want to help you understand how national issues impact resident physicians on a daily basis, and how we represent you, on a host of issues. We are your national unified voice.

This will be an important and exciting year for RDoC on a number of fronts:

  • programs are preparing to roll out competency-based medical education;
  • discussions around national physician resource planning continue; and
  • RDoC is piloting our national curriculum on resiliency at two universities.

Communication is a key focus of the organization this year. We will continue to strengthen ties with Provincial Housestaff Organizations and our Quebec counterpart, the Fédération des Médecins Résidents du Québec. We are a central part of the renewal of Collage of Family Physicians of Canada and Royal College accreditation standards, and we provide the resident perspective as programs evolve to become competency-based. We are working to improve our communication by ensuring our website is up-to-date, utilizing social media and coordinating a National Resident Awareness week.

Besides advocating on behalf of resident physicians, I am also a PGY3 resident in Psychiatry at the University of Calgary. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and am an avid runner, global health advocate, chocolate lover, and proud auntie.  I have previously served as the Vice-President Global Health of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, executive board member of the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta, resident board observer on the Alberta Medical Association, Social Medical Affairs Officer of the World Medical Association Junior Doctors Network, and board member of the Resident Doctors of Canada this past year.

Resident physicians want training and the knowledge to effectively serve Canadian patients. We want a health care system that creates a healthy society. RDoC strives to optimize the ongoing education and professional development of resident physicians, while also promoting their wellness. Our goal is for resident physicians to graduate as competent and capable physicians able to serve our patients and society. After all, we are the next generation of physicians in Canada.

Dr. Kimberly Williams

Dr. Kimberly Williams
RDoC President, 2016-2017